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Lothian Communications provide High Speed Satellite Broadband solutions to commercial and residential customers in and around Central Scotland.


Providing HIGH SPEED SATELLITE BROADBAND solutions to business & residential customers across central & rural Scotland without the need for Fibre. Perfect for those with slow or NO broadband connections.

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High Speed Broadband Packages and Pricing.

  • broadband EASY

    £49.99 per year Download 22mb Upload 2mb Data PAYG
  • broadband 2

    £19.99 per month Download 5mb Upload 1mb Data 2GB per month
  • broadband 10

    £29.99 per month Download 22mb Upload 6mb Data 10GB per month
  • broadband 25

    £49.99 per month Download 22mb Upload 6mb Data 25GB per month
  • broadband 40

    £69.99 per month Download 22mb Upload 6mb Data 40GB per month
  • broadband EXTRA

    £99.99 per month Download 22mb Upload 6mb Data 100GB per month


At Lothian Communications we offer fast 22Mb Satellite Broadband Solutions for domestic and business users. If you don’t have a phone line or your broadband service is too slow, then we can install a dish and modem providing you with fast internet at competitive prices.

Fast Broadband is available to everyone no matter where you live. At the moment this product is the only fast, reliable broadband option for many rural areas and this does not look set to change any time soon.

There are various packages available with the option to either buy or rent the equipment. If you rely on the internet for business, video calling abroad or streaming movies to smart devices, then we have various packages to suit your needs.

Contact us on 07771 527 830 if you need any advice or a site survey.